3 Offences Of No Insurance And No Licence


Driving without Licence & Insurance 3 times


I was caught driving without licence and insurance 3 times in 2 weeks period. I have got 8 points and £500 fine for first time and for second time I got 6 points and £375 fine and I am banned for 6 month.

Now I have hearing for my third time offence which I was caught before my ban started. As I mentioned, I was caught three times in 2 week period and all of the hearing were after that. Please can you advice me what can happen?

I am in Glasgow Scotland.

Thanks for your kind response

Paula Says:

The ban wiped your licence clean so you will not be at risk of a totting ban again but the court may give you a discretionary driving ban on the basis that you keep driving without insurance.

If you haven’t committed an offence since the date of the last hearing then you should draw to the courts attention that this offence should have been tied up with the last batch and then they could all have been sentence at the same time.

If you don’t get a ban you will get 6-8 points and a fine.

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