Car Insurance Lapsed Whilst I Was Abroad


Driving without insurance

Yesterday morning landed in England from a 3 weeks holiday, whist I was away my car insurance lapsed.

Because I had been away and not received my renewal letter I had no idea my insurance lapsed.

I incidentally was pulled over by the police that night, I believed I had insurance but clearly I didn’t.

This resulted in my car being taken away and me having to produce my documents.

I renewed my insurance first thing the next morning and got my car back at a cost of £150.

Now I don’t know weather to risk it at court and contest my punishment as I see myself as a good honest driver and it was a genuine mistake one who has 5 years no claims and always had insurance also proof of this or take the full punishment?

What do you think?

Paula Says:

I’m afraid you won’t be able to defend this allegation on that basis. The only way that you can defend the matter is if you can show that you were insured at the time. You can sometimes persuade the court not to pout the points on if you have been misled into thinking that you were insured at the time of the alleged offence.

There is no point in taking it to court if you don’t have a special reasons argument because unfortunately you will still get the penalty points and in addition you will get higher fines and court costs.

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