I Don’t Rant Very Often But….


Here’s a recent question about driving without insurance 5 times in a row.

I assume he is young and ignorant but it makes my blood boil…..

Alleged Offence: 5 times no insurance coming

Hi I have been caught 5 times with no insurance in the last 3 months only going to court on friday for the first time. I kept telling the police that I have insurance and I will produce it. The only reason I done this is that I didn’t want the car to be seized and it’s my dads car.

My dad thinks I have insurance but car is in his name. I have been caught a total of 5 times in this car of his. Was caught last year twice, I only got a 2 week ban for that. I already have 6 points and I am a new driver.

I just can’t afford insurance.

Only reason I got off last time was because I was going to work at 9 in the morning.

Any help would be great or advice

Paula Says;

I’m afraid that you are going to be banned from driving and and it will be for at least 6 months if not longer.

You have to have insurance. You cannot choose not to buy it. If you cannot afford it then you cannot drive.

If you drive whilst disqualified you will be at serious risk of being sent to prison.

You need to understand the purpose of insurance.

If you were to hit and injure someone without insurance they could end up disabled for life and would not get any compensation to help them to live in comfort or to provide for their children etc.

You are being very irresponsible and putting everyone else in danger. I don’t normally get angry or preach and rant to people but in this case you must appreciate that you are putting everyone else at risk of the court will have no sympathy.

There is no way that you are going to avoid a ban this time round and I think it will be for a long time.

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