Missed Direct Debit Payment – Driving Without Insurance


I have spoken to a colleague of yours who has recommended I email you for some advice.

Last month the police pulled me over for having no car insurance. I had no idea that privilege had cancelled my insurance.

I have now been told that Privilege car insurance stopped my insurance due to a missing monthly payment.

I have been driving for 10 years and I drive around 25k miles per year and have no points on my licence.

I have been told by direct line that the offence code on the fixed penalty notice is incorrect, can this be argued in court.

Code given incorrect – INS 10

Correct – IN 10

Paula Says:

If the insurance lapsed due to a failed direct debit then I’m afraid that you will not be able to avoid the penalty points – the court will take the view that you are responsible for making sure that your payments go through.

The wrong offence code would not amount to a defence for driving without insurance, the only defence is if you can show that you were not driving or that you were insured.

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