3 Speeding Offences In 2 Weeks


3 speeding offences – identical SP30 within 2 weeks

I got caught three times – same camera, same speed (39mph), same time (7am approx), separate days.

I thought it was 40mph….. genuinely.

1st letter arrived approx 2 hours after the 3rd offence. I thought I had only committed 1 offence yet process / postal time = 3 fines / 3 lots of points before I learned my mistake. Regrettably, all offences occurred within an 8 day period and all letters received within 2 weeks of offence.

200 yards after camera, limit changes to 40 mph. You can see the 40 mph sign 50 yards after the speed camera, hence my confusion 40 mph / 30 mph. So I pulled off one road and onto the Ax which I thought was 40 mph.

The camera is 20 yards after built up zone but is not in a built up area. A “Speed camera – 30 MPH limit” sign was added about two weeks AFTER I committed the third offence. Before that – no signs. Street lights YES, speed signs NO. I have a video recording which shows the new 30 mph sign was added AFTER the third offence.

I have admitted to the first offence (speed awareness course booked), and admitted I was driving for the other two.

No previous points or convictions, full licence for 18 years.

Do I have a case to argue against fines and points for the 2nd and 3rd offence? I don’t mind paying a fine, but worry about insurance premiums associated with points. I feel as though I am being punished three times for one genuine mistake ?

Thank you in advance.

Louise Says:

I understand your concern.

The requirement for signs warning of the speed trap is not mandatory I’m afraid. There are guidelines stating that there should be warning signs but they are not a legal requirement.

The 30 mph speeds signs are required by law unless there is a system of street lighting in place – either will do in order to make it a 30 limit.

I’m afraid if you accept the speeds for the 2nd and 3rd offences then you will have to take the fixed penalties and 3 points each on the chin. Keep my details and come back to me if you get into any other bother and I will be happy to assist further.

Sorry on this occasion.

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