3rd Party Cover Allowing Me To Drive Uninsured Car


I have a comprehensive insurance policy which gives me 3rd party cover to drive other vehicles with the owner’s permission. My son has a vehicle with no insurance and I have been advised by my insurance company that I am covered to drive his vehicle for occasional use.

I have been advised by someone who works in a car pound that this is not the case and the vehicle could be seized if there is not a policy in effect for the vehicle specifically. Who is correct?

Paula Says:

If your 3rd party insurance covers you to drive a vehicle owned by another person with their permission and you insurance policy does not stipulate that the other car has to have its own insurance police (some do) you can drive your sons vehicle.

The only problem is that if you get out of the car and leave it to go and do your shopping (for example) the car is then uninsured and on a public highway (in a public place).

At this point your son would be committing an offence of using a vehicle without insurance – because keeping it on the highway amounts to having use of it and therefore is an offence. Your son would then be at risk of 6-8 penalty points and would probably not have a defence I’m afraid.

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