Driving In The Course Of My Employment


I drive a recovery truck I stop by the police there excuse for stopping me was the car on the back they had to check it was not stolen. After they done the check. They told me I was not insured to carry scrap metal. I was taking it to a scrap yard.

When the copper phone to check the insurance he told them I was carrying scrap metal. Well it was not scrap metal it was a whole car. Of course the insurer said I was not insured because I am only insured to carry cars and salvage. I tried to explain to the police that it is only turned into scrap when the scrap get hold of it.

They seized my truck. When I went to the police to produce my insurance, the police said i didn’t have an insurance, also they have put the wrong registration on the ticket. My insurers said I have cover for that vehicle. Where do I stand?

Paula Says:

You need to prove to the police that you had insurance otherwise you are going to be at risk of 6-8 penalty points. If you would like me to liaise with your insurance company and the police on your behalf to try and sort this matter out then I will be happy to assist.

I charge a fixed fee of £300 plus vat for this service and have a very good success rate at avoiding summonses being issued. Have you got any penalty points on your licence already? If so, how many?

You also have a defence if the truck didn’t belong to you and you were driving in the course of your employment – so one way or another I should be able to help you avoid the penalty points.

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