I Have To Drive Because We Work Different Shifts


I was caught driving with no insurance and only a provisional licence. I was on my way to pick up my Mum from work at the time I was stopped. We both work at the same place but on different shifts, we’ve requested time and time again to be put on the same shift but are just told it’s not possible.

I was working from 5:45am until 1:45pm, my Mum would then come in at 1:45pm (when she started) leaving the car for me to drive home at 1:45. I would then come in at 9:15pm to pick her up. It was at 9:30 when I was caught. I was turning into the place of work when I noticed the police van waiting a few yards along, parked up with no lights on, when I turned off they proceeded to follow.

I was out of the car and only upon my return to the car passenger seat was I stopped and questioned. I figured the game was up because cctv would have proven my offence and admitted apologetically. There was no other way for me and my Mum to both get to work as we live in a remote location with no public transport.

The only alternative would have been a taxi, but financially this is out of the question as it would be £400 – £500 per month.

We’re both on minimum wage and could not afford this. I have subsequently had to again request to be put on the same shift, if they decline then I will have to leave my job and not be able to get another job due to not being able to get to work. Would special circumstances stand in my defence?

Paula Says:

I’m afraid the issue over the shifts that you work will not amount to a defence. You only have a special reasons argument if you can show that you thought that you were insured.

The argument you raise would simply convince the court that you knowingly drove without insurance and without a licence – which actually makes the offence more, rather than less, serious.

The court may have sympathy with your need to drive – but not with the fact that you blatantly drove knowing you shouldn’t.

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