58 mph in a 30 mph limit


I was caught doing 58 mph in a 30 zone the road goes from a 60 to a 40 to a 30 in the space of a corner and I got caught by a van parked up.

I expected to get a fine and I sent all the stuff through now there advising I could be disqualified and I have to go to court could they take my licence off me. I have no previous convictions and this is my first offence in 5 years of driving.

Louise Says:

Yes I am sorry to say that you are at risk of a ban for that speed. You are at the top end of the top sentencing bracket. The recommended sentence is 6 points or up to a 56 day ban.

Do you accept the speed alleged?

The fact that you have a clean licence will help.

Have you got a court summons yet?

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