2 Speeding Tickets In Quick Succession


I received 2 speeding tickets for 35 & 36 mph in 30 zone. Two offences in 1 wk from different areas.

Your road traffic offence question: how much over the limit am I allowed (30mph) and is it worth fighting these allegations, as I never saw either manned speed trap? thanks

Louise Says:

You are not allowed over the limit at all. The police sometimes use their discretion if the speed is very close to the limit because they worry that they will not be able to convince the court beyond reasonable doubt that you were speeding but in theory they could charge you with 31 in a 30!

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? Are you a new driver?

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t see the trap. The requirement for them to be visible is only a guideline.

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