59 In A 30 Limit – New Driver!


Hello there, I think I need you to hire your team, but first could you tell me, I’m 19 years old, driving for about 8 months now. I was caught by a speed gun in a 30 MPH zone doing 59 MPH. I stopped straight away for the police.

I was wondering what type of punishment should I expect, I haven’t had my license for 2 years yet so, will I lose my license because I need my license to get to work and back? Please get in contact soon! Thank you

Louise Says:

You are at risk of 6 points or a discretionary ban in relation to this matter. If you get a short ban then you will avoid the points – so that maybe the best way forward..

The knack will be either getting 5 points – which wont be easy – or getting a very short discretionary ban so that you avoid the points.

Come back to me if you would like a free chat about this matter.

I have to warn you that you cannot get legal aid for these types of offences, I work on private fixed fees.

Have you got a hearing date through yet or just a NIP?

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