I Owned Both Bikes


I was on a moped last year in June I was stopped for a bike I just bought. I had fully comprehensive on my other bike and thought I was able to drive both bikes this with it. I just picked the bike up and got pulled. I produced documents to police station they signed it off but I had a letter for court for the offence.

Apparently because the documents were for the other bike it doesn’t prove I had insurance and they want to impose 6 points.

I’m only allowed 6 points and have been driving for 1 year nearly on full licence and I already have 3 points. What will happen now? What can I do? It was a long time ago.

I missed the court date. I never got letter due to change of address so I sent off application to re open it. I need to know what I can do as I have no proof no more as a long time ago and I have a job that I need my car for it.

Please could you get back soon as possible many thanks.

Paula Says:

I’m afraid you wont be able to defend this matter. You have to have an insurance policy for every vehicle that you own or a multi vehicle policy.

Otherwise you are not insured. Your comprehensive insurance only covers you in relation to driving a vehicle owned by another person.

Your only hope is to persuade the court to give you a short ban rather than the points.


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