Permitting No Insurance – New Driver


Hi, at 4:30 this morning I dropped off my brother at the airport, and drove home in his van. I’m insured third party fire and theft. I got stopped on the way home and asked to produce my insurance document at my local police station.

I have no points and will pay the fine, however my brother has 3 points already and hasn’t had his license for two years yet so is still classed as a new driver. What happens next??

Paula Says:

Your brother may get summonsed for permitting you to drive without insurance. If he thought you were covered or made it a pre condition of use that you had to be covered then I may be able to help him avoid the points.

Has he been warned that he maybe prosecuted? He will be at risk of 6-8 points if he is and this will mean that his licence is revoked.

Tell me more.

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