6 Points On My Licence – I Don’t Want Another 3


I have recently had another speeding notice and would ask a little advice based upon your website:-

1- The alleged offence took place 17/02/x, their notice was dated 26/02/x – I received it around 03/03/x is this beyond the 14 day period in your web case study s.1 RTOA 1988 ?

2- The offence is for doing 41mph in a 30mph zone. The road is a dual carriageway with barriers in the centre coming out of Southampton and in all intense purposes looks like and should be a 40mph zone, I am going to take my camera and look for signage tomorrow re the 30 limit and lamp posts

3- It was taken by man in a van on the central reservation, in addition to this there was also a fixed camera behind him so if one didn’t catch you the other would is this allowed so close to each other?

4- I have 6 points already, do around 40,000 miles per annum and rely on my license 9 points would make life quite difficult, the other convictions are Feb x (77 in a 60) & May x (93 in a 70)

In essence I am asking can you help?

Graham Says:

The date that you received the NIP is of critical importance. If you receive it on the 3rd (the 14th day) then the NIP is effective. If you didn’t get it until later then the NIP is defective and you will have defence to the speeder if the court believe you.

The NIP has to be served on you within 14 days of the alleged offence if you are the registered keeper of the car and there is no reason why the police would have trouble tracking you down?

If there is a lack of signs at regular intervals then you will have a defence.

It doesn’t matter if there are two speed cameras in close proximity – it must be a very profitable stretch or road!

If you are going to fight this you will need a good argument. Don’t fail to name the driver otherwise you will be at risk of 6 more points and a totting up ban.

Come back to me if you decide you have an argument.

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