NIP Took A Long Time To Arrive


Hello my question is the alleged offence happened on the 11-12-2009 and I have only got the nip on the 10-3-2010.I  know I was in a company van and it has to go to the firm first but there must be a time scale?

What’s happened to the 10% +rule why is the alleged speed always just over it?

Thank you

Rob Says:

I am sorry but the police only have to tell the registered keeper within 14 days via a NIP of the alleged offence. After that the only time limit is in relation to issuing a summons for the offence within 6 months of the date of offence.

There is no 10% rule I’m afraid. The police can prosecute in any case where they believe they can prove that a person was speeding. There are guidelines to suggest that they may not if the speed is really low but they are not part of any statute I’m afraid.

Do you accept that you were the driver? If not come back to me and I will be able to help further.

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