Appealing A Two Year Driving Ban


I would like representation on a 2 year driving ban appeal, because

* I was not given the right to a solicitor

* the clerk winked at reporter and prosecutor,

* the NIP I had received after the the court case of my first conviction, where I was given 7 pts and fine, this was in my absence, then I received the nip, the other two got dealt with together, no nip was given to me,

* The sentence given to me is a miscarriage of justice, and corrupt. and massively excessive.

For more details please get in touch, date of conviction 17/03/x

Dominic Says:

I will be happy to help you with this matter. Was the two year ban as a result of the accumulation of points? Tell me more about the previous points on your licence. Have you ever had a previous totting up ban?

If you have had two previous totting bans before in the last three years the minimum ban is two years so appealing wont make any difference if that is the case here.

Tell me more.

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