Maybe Failing To Name The Driver?


What if you never received a nip but only got a court summons?

Dominic Says:

If you have never admitted being the driver and you have never received a NIP (if you are the registered keeper of the car in question) then you will have 2 defences. First that a NIP has to be served within 14 days of the alleged offence and secondly that they have no identification evidence that you were the driver.

Are you sure you haven’t been summonsed for failing to name the driver, rather than the speeding offence? If you have been summonsed for failing to name the driver then the NIP argument disappears and who was driving at the time becomes irrelevant. The court case will be about whether you received the request for driver identity and whether you responded to it.

Can you clear up what you have been summonsed for. You will be at risk of 6 points if its for failing to name the driver.

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