Speeding – 60 in 30


I was stopped by police just after entering a 30 zone the officer told me that I had been doing 60 through a 30 zone, before the 30 zone it was national speed limit 60.

He did not reveal where he had seen me, only stated that I had passed a school. My Question as I do not know where this alleged incident took place am I within my rights to ask for evidence for him to prove this?

Louise Says:

You are at risk of a hefty discretionary ban for 60 in a 30 limit I’m afraid.

You are perfectly entitled to ask the officer in cross examination exactly where the alleged offence took place and you are entitled to see the officer statement when the matter first comes before the court. Have you got any points already? Do you need to be able to drive for your work?

You have to be careful in relation to this matter because the court will get irritated if they feel you are time wasting or fishing for a defence.

Tell me more and I will be happy to assist further.

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