Take The Course?


The vehicle I was driving is registered to the taxi company I work for. The owner has informed the Ticket Office that I was the driver and they have now written to me asking me to tell them who the driver was. The alleged offence occurred in the Gwent Police force area and must have been a mobile camera unit as opposed to a fixed camera.

Do I have any defence at all against conviction and can I ask to attend a “speed awareness” course instead of having the points on my licence? My driving record, up to this point, is clean and has been for over 25 years.

Louise Says:

You may get offered a speed awareness course because the speed is low. If there is a course in your area then you should be fine.

The only way you could defend the matter is if you could persuade the court that there is a reasonable doubt that you were speeding.

Taking this approach would be a risk because you would be giving up the right to do the course and avoid the points that way. I suggest, if offered, you take the course.

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