61 MPH In A 30 MPH Limit – Court Summons


Recieved 2 x NIPs on the x. The first was from a mobile speed van at 44 in a 30 zone (x). I remember this and hold my hands up. The second was a hand written NIP allegedly traveling at 61 MPH In A 30 MPH zone on the same road 8 days later.

I was on the road but i can’t be at all sure that I was speeding and certainly didn’t see a camera or PC.

I rang and spoke to the PC who has told me to confirm I was driving and to send off the first completed NIP for a fixed fine and then complete the next and send that in to him personally.

I’m worried that I’m going to get a ban for 61mph. Should I ask for evidence or will this make things worse for me? Help , thanks

Louise Says:

The 61 in a 30 is a very high speed and you wont get a fixed penalty offer. You will get a summons to court where you will be at high risk of a ban. You are off the scale of the magistrates sentencing guidelines which only go up to 60 mph in a 30 limit.

Would you like my help? I help over 95% of my clients avoid this type of ban and I will be happy to assist.

Come back to me if I can help further and we can have a chat. Do you need to be able to drive for your job.

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