Hard To Drive Less Than 30 In A Powerful Car


Hi, I note that Mr Nick Freeman represented Mr Colin Montgomerie in a speeding case in 2008. I have no points on my licence but was recently caught by a mobile camera doing a supposedly 36 mph in a 30 zone after entering from a 60 mph zone on a downhill stretch.

I did seriously consider fighting the issue but upon being offered a speeding course instead of 3 points I thought that the £75 course and 4 hours of my life was potentially better than spending a whole day in court.

I was on this course today in x and x and wondered if you, or Colin knew that the trainers were using Mr Colin Montgomerie on a daily basis as an example of someone who regularly speeds and quotes him as saying, “It’s difficult to keep a large, powerful car down to 30mph” as a supposedly humorous excuse said by him.

I thought you may like to know this and will be informing Colin through his website of the same. I myself drive a 4.2 Audi and think the country has gone to the dogs when it asks me to learn the error of my ways for such a trivial issue.

I hope you may be interested in the attached info and will back you up if you so require. The trainer was called x and he even shows a slide of an Aston Martin whilst telling his story.

If this info is of no use to you then please accept my apologies for wasting your time.

Louise Says:

Thank you Lee, I will post your comments on my site.

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