70 in a 30 mph speed limit



On x at 0800 hours I was stopped by a traffic officer in an alleged ’30’ zone (no signage to suggest it was). He informed me that his vascar stated that 0.191 mile at 70.3 mph. He said I will receive a summons from the court.

I have been driving since x and have not had any points on my licence since about x.

I also recently got caught on a average speed camera on a duel carriage way which has very recently been changed to 50mph zone (I was traveling at x). I am attending a speed awareness course for this.

Please could you advise will the summons state what the intended prosecution will be? And also give me your opinion to a) will they allow me to plead by letter? b) am I likely to receive a driving ban and if so, for how long?

Louise Says:

You will get a summons to court for doing 70 mph in a 30 limit.

You will be at significant risk of a hefty discretionary ban. Your speed of 70 in a 30 is 10mph faster than the top speed in the magistrates sentencing powers.

30 mph limits do not require 30 mph limit signs if there is a system of street lighting in place – the road is automatically restricted.

You will not be allowed to plead guilty by post – it might suggest you can on the summons but the moment that the court spots the speed the case will be adjourned for you to attend and the adjournment notice will state that the court is considering banning you from driving.

Have you got any other points on your licence from the last 3 years? If so, how many?

The driving ban could be for any period but most likely a few months. For 60 in a 30 you would be looking at 56 days.

Would you like my help with this matter? I help over 95% of my clients avoid these types of bans and would be happy to assist.

Come back to me and I will call you if you would like my help.

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