Speed Awareness Course Offer?


Following the NIP I have been advised to ask for photographic evidence and information regarding when the camera device was calibrated. I’m not sure whether there is a point in this or whether it might exacerbate the issue.

The area I live sometimes use  ‘speed awareness course offers’, but there is nothing on the information received about such a course in the area I was driving, can I ask to attend locally?

I am given to understand that the fine stands but 3 points on the licence is avoided.

Louise Says:

I’m afraid that you are not entitled to that sort of evidence until you reject the fixed penalty offer and ask for a court hearing.

You will be lucky if the police agree to disclose that sort of information at this stage.

Can you tell me the speed limit for the road and the speed alleged so I can work out if they are likely to offer the speed awareness course as an alternative to the points. If you get the course you have to pay to attend but you avoid the points.

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