Speeding – 80 in a 50 limit


I was stopped for Speeding in a temporary 50mph limit (usually 70), I was caught at 80 mph. I have just received a summons to attend court, in the summary of evidence it states my car is green but its silver – is there anything that I could do with this mistake. Also, what are the chances of a ban if I plead by post?

Louise Says:

If you don’t accept that you were speeding then the fact that they have got the colour of the car wrong may help you to cast a doubt, Have they got a photo of the car with cross hairs on it? Ids it the right registration number? If so you may struggle.

The court forms may suggest that you can plead guilty by post but the court will adjourn the case for you to attend if you try. You are at the very top of their sentencing guidelines which suggest that you could get up to a 56 day ban for this speed. The court will want to see you to consider whether or not to ban you and they will not deal with it in your absence.

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