Speeding 87 in a 50!


Speeding(87 mph in a 50mph zone)

I was traveling northbound on the a3 towards London. the motorway speed limit reduces from 70 to 50 mph just before Kingston.

The police had set up a mobile unit a little before a static camera in the 50 mph zone, perhaps about a mile before it. I must have still thought I was in the 70 zone. Can you help me?

Louise says:

I can help you with this matter. As you are probably aware you are at risk of discretionary ban or 6 points on your licence.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

87 in a 50 is 1 mph above the speeds covered by the magistrates sentencing guidelines – so unfortunately you are off the scale so to speak. Having said that I have helped many people avoid discretionary bans in similar circumstances.

Have you got a court hearing date or have you simply received a NIP?

Do you need to be able to drive for your work?

Tell me more and if you would like we can have a free initial chat on the phone.

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