Speeding – 87 In A 50 Summons Out Of Date


I have received a summons for speeding i.e. 87 in a 50 limit. The offence occurred on the 24/09/x. The Notice of Prosecution is dated the 02/10/x (this is attached to the summons).

My question is as the Summons arrived on the 10th April and the postmark on the envelope is the 8th April is this within the 6 month period they have to serve it?

Rob Says:

The important date is the date that it was issued. This is often referred to as the “information laid on ” date on the actual summons.

The information has to be laid within 6 months of the date of the alleged offence which would be by the 23rd March 2010 in this case. It was probably laid before that date if you have just got the summons.

You are at high risk of a ban for that speed I’m afraid.

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