Officer’s Training Records And Calibration Certificates


Just received a fixed penalty notice for doing 41 in a 30, heard that if the camera hasn’t been calibrated then it might not be valid or the officer must be trained to use the camera as it can cause inaccurate reading.

Also on my notice, its says the class of car is PLG but as far as my car class in concerned its a MPV just a slight point but doesn’t it have to be fully correct to make it valid

 Louise Says:

The notice only has to be correct in relation to the registration of the vehicle and the time and place of the alleged offence. So no go there I’m afraid.

The only good reason to take a matter to court is if you do not agree the speed alleged. Otherwise you put yourself at risk of higher fines and court costs.

You don’t get to see evidence like calibration certificates and the officer’s training records unless you opt for a court hearing and reject the ticket. It’s designed to be a catch 22 in order to make you assess the risk of taking it to court properly.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? Do you accept the speed alleged?

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