9 Penalty Points As A Provisional Licence Holder


Hi there, a couple of months after moving to the UK, clearly unaware of the driving regulations, I was stopped for driving without insurance, and given 6 points on my provisional licence. About 2 years after, I was stopped for driving with a provisional license and was given another 3 points. the second offence was my fault and I accept responsibility.

Now (about 6 months after the 2nd offence), I want to apply for a full UK licence and do my test. If I pass my test, will any of the points be removed and will my full license be revoked. Please explain as I really want to do my test now?

 Louise Says:

For two years from the date you pass your driving test you are limited to a maximum of 6 penalty points. Within this 2 year probationary period your driving licence will be revoked if you collect 6 points. Points collected while a provisional driver are separate to this, so you can technically have 11 points on your licence as a ‘New Driver’ without being banned or facing revocation.

The penalty points are valid for three years from the date of offence and can be removed from your licence after 4 years have expired.

The points are removed on by the passage of time and not by the fact that you have passed a test. Your licence will not be revoked as the offences did not occur within your probationary period. If you get any more penalty points in the first two years after passing and the total penalty points on your licence number 6 or more you will be revoked.


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