Impounded – I Cannot Get My Car Back


Car got impounded for no insurance, got insurance now and valid mot and logbook, gone to collect and have been informed that my driving licence has been revoked for some reason.

I have 6 points as far as I know, I have until the 8th June to take my car out! Please help any solutions I had a problem with my previous insurance’s. I did pay in full but due to lack of communication they gave me a full refund and cancelled my policy, I only found out the day my car got taken.

Paula Says:

You can only collect the car if you have all the require documents. You are going to have to take someone with you who is legally entitled to drive the car to be able to collect it. They will need to show that they have insurance and you will need to produce all the other documents.

If you have paid the fixed penalty ticket the that’s the end of the matter and you will have to do a full retest. If you have a good reason for not being covered and it wasn’t your fault that the insurance was cancelled then you may have a way of avoiding the points but I suspect that you have already taken the ticket?

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