Accident With A Bus


I was involved in an accident with a bus 10 weeks ago and have still to be questioned or charged. Is this likely to happen after this length of time.

I have been available and contactable at all times but due to police officer holidays and availability I am not making a statement until next week. I am not looking to absolve myself or find loop holes I would just be grateful for your opinion. thank you.

Emma Says:

The police have up to 6 months within which to issue the summons for this offence. Were you warned you were going to be summonsed for driving without due care and attention at the scene?

Would you like to be represented at the police station? You should think about it because people often feel out of their depth at the police station in a formal interview.

Have you got any points on your licence already? If so, how many? Are you a new driver?

What actually happened? Was anyone hurt? If you tell me more I will be able to help further.

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