Should I Contest The Charge?


Today I was involved in a RTA. I crept out of a juction to turn right. There were parked cars on the left blocking my view, nothing was coming from my right. As I edged further out a car came from the right doing more than 30 mph which was the limit, and we collided.

I passed the breath test and all vehicle docs were in order, the police officer cautioned me and said I may be charged with driving without due care and attention. Should I contest the charge?

 Emma Says:

If the other driver was exceeding the speed limit then you may be able to show that the accident was not your fault. Driving without due care and attention charges rely on the police being able to prove beyond reasonable doubt the standard of your driving was not good enough.

Have you been offered the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution. The course would mean that you avoid the risk of fines and points on your licence.

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