Not Allowed To Do The Speed Awareness Course


Speeding (36mph in a 30mph zone)

Hi there,

I was recently sent a notice of intended prosecution from x Police as I was doing 36mph in a 30mph zone.

I filled in the NIP, and sent it back with a letter explaining that, as I had recently received 3 points the week before and was now on 9 points, I had changed my driving style to try and stay within the limits.

However, I am still prone to the occasional momentary lapse of concentration, especially as my nan (who I was on my way to visit when I was caught) was seriously ill and this was on my mind (she has now recently passed away due to this illness).

I also explained that, as part of my contract with my current employees, I have to be able to drive, as I am a consultant and have to visit many sites around the country, hence the reason I changed my driving style to ensure I did not get more points and the subsequent ban.

I received a letter dated x offering me a place on a x Safer Roads speed awareness course, which I duly completed and returned. I then received, a few days later, a letter dated x to say that I would be getting a court summons, as I had 9 points on my licence already.

I phoned up to query this, as the two letters contradict each other, and was told that the offer was sent in error, and that I can not attend this course as I have more than 8 points on my licence. This seems odd to me, and I can not find where it says this in any legislation or on the Safer x website.

If as stated the Speed Awareness Course letter was sent to me in error, I would like an explanation as to why I am not being offered this option as “x Police are seeking to educate rather than prosecute”.

I would therefore like to know, if this letter has indeed been sent to me in error, the reason why this option is not open to me; since I received 3 points a month ago to take me up to 9, I have been making a marked effort to ensure I do not speed, as if I was to lose my licence I would also lose my job.

However, there are times when I momentarily speed without realising / meaning too (as I am sure EVERY driver does), which is what I can only assume happened on this occasion when I was doing 6m.p.h. over the limit.

In my letter, it states that ‘x Police are seeking to educate rather than prosecute.’ I take it that, in my case at least, this is no longer the case, as it seems clear to me that x Police would much rather punish me rather than educate and help me not to have momentary lapses and in order to prevent me accidentally speeding again.

I would welcome the chance to undertake this course and, as stated in the Speed Awareness Course leaflet, learn the strategies and skills to help stay within the speed limit at all times. I feel this would be an extremely valuable and educational course. However, x Police would seem to rather ban / fine me than educate.

If this is the case, I would ask x Police to change their ‘seeking to educate rather than prosecute’ statement, as this is clearly not true in my case.

Any advise or help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Louise says:

I’m afraid its entirely at the discretion of the police as to whether or not to offer you the speed awareness course as an alternative to prosecution. The course is not governed by legislation as to the criteria for eligibility.

I can help you with this matter now that it is going to court.

I help over 91% of my clients avoid this type of ban and I will be happy to assist.

You are going to need to persuade the court that a 6 month ban will cause you or those that rely on you exceptional hardship.

Come back to me if you would like my help with this matter and I will be happy to assist. I maybe able to persuade the police let you do the course but I cannot guarantee that.

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