Third Photo Shows A Different Car



My wife has just received a NIP for alleged speeding of 43mph in a 30mph zone. Looking at the evidence I noticed that of the three photos, the third is of a different car going through seven minutes later.

Also, there are no documents within the certificates page to show “the device was correctly calibrated at the time of the offence.” Are either of these technical lapses grounds for defence of the allegation?

Louise Says:

Its odd that the third photo is of the wrong vehicle.

That’s a mistake.

If they have a photo of your wife’s car going through thought they will still have good evidence of a speeding offence.

The police do not have to provide calibration evidence etc at this stage. They only have to reveal that sort of evidence if you take the matter to court and plead not guilty.

What’s the alleged speed?

Make sure your wife names the driver if she knows who was driving at the time.

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