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Speeding 49 in a 30mph


I have a court summons in 4 weeks time for speeding on a motorbike doing 49 in a 30 zone. It was a fixed camera.

They have sent through all the evidence (photographs etc) with the court summons info. But, they have attached the wrong NIP. The NIP they have attached does not belong to me, Which also begs the question, Where has my NIP with my personal information gone to?

Speaking to a police man friend this may be a lifeline so to speak as they have failed to provide the correct evidence?

Could you advise on this and how best to proceed.

Rob Says:

You have to point out the mistake in order to raise the argument that you were not sent a NIP, or that the NIP is defective.

The prosecution will then check their records and if they can come up with a copy of the correct NIP as sent out to you the argument will die a death. If they have lost the NIP that was sent out to you then you have a good chance of defending this matter.

Point out the mistake and see what they come up with. You could ambush them at trial but the court would probably adjourn the case to give them a chance to get the correct one.

Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

The speed is high so you will be at risk of a discretionary ban.

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