Motoring Offence Loopholes – I Have 6 Penalty Points Already


Excess speed 70mph camera device

Your road traffic offence question: Further to a telephone conversation with Anne my details/situation is as follows:

I have received a letter of notice of intended prosecution regarding the above speeding offence from Safety Camera Unit in x. They have also asked me to completed a driver information form within 10 days of x

I currently have 6points on my driving licence. Can you be of assistance?

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact me. A speedy response would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Louise Says:

If you accept that you were the driver at the time of the alleged offence – then you should name yourself otherwise you risk 6 penalty points (and a totting ban) for failing to provide information regarding the identity of the driver.

You then have to decide if you accept the speeding allegation. If you do then you should take the fixed penalty if you is offered. You would find it impossible to defend the speeding offence if you accept that you were probably speeding at the time of the alleged offence.

If you deny that you were speeding then you should take the matter to court and try and cast a doubt on the police case.

Do you accept that you were speeding? What’s the speed alleged and the limit for the road?

You will read a lot of nonsense online about how to get away with speeding offences. People suggest that there are various motoring offence loopholes that you can use to defend yourself. They often get you into more trouble that the original offences so be careful.

If you put yourself at risk of a totting up ban by getting 12 penalty points on your driving licence within a three year period – you will get a 6 month driving ban if you are not careful.

Come back to me with more information if you deny being the driver or deny the speeding offence.

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