I Was In A Line Of Traffic All Doing The Same Speed


Speeding, caught by cop with a mobile camera

The policeman said i was doing 42 in a 30.

I don’t believe I could have been going that fast.

I agreed to what he said at the time because I was shocked that I’d been caught (in a long line of traffic doing the same thing)

I was going a maximum of 38. What is the best way to defend myself?


Louise Says:

There is no way to defend yourself I’m afraid.

If you try and defend yourself the first thing that the prosecutor will ask you in court in cross examination is whether or not you accept that you were speeding. If you admit that you were doing 38 in a 30 you will be convicted by the magistrates and that will be the end of the matter I’m afraid.

If you accept that you were speeding you should take the fixed penalty offer for the offence otherwise you will simply end up getting a higher fine and court costs for your trouble.

Don’t worry about what anyone else was doing in the line of traffic. I’m afraid the court will only be interested in what you were doing as unfortunately you were the one caught.

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