No Warning Signs Of Speed Trap Camera – Police Hiding Behind Tree



Running along the x to the x in x there are two fixed cameras on the Westbound lane and traveling in that direction there is adequate signage warning of the camera’s. I was issued a NIP traveling Eastbound where a mobile van was at the site of one of the fixed camera’s.

There is no signage whatsoever for this direction and the van was behind a tree, i.e. <100 metres visibility at 50 mph. Does the mobile site comply with the rules to legally prosecute?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid there is no legal requirement for warning signs in relation to speed camera traps and you wont have a defence based on the fact that there wasn’t a warning. the police are perfectly entitled to hide in a bush if they so chose.

Have you got any penalty points on your driving licence already? If so, how many?


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