Ambulance Went Through A Red Traffic Light!


Hi there I recently had an accident with an ambulance, the scene is that at x in the morning as I was I driving along a road as I was approaching a set of traffic lights, the light was on green so I went through the green light this is when an ambulance came from a road on the right with blue lights on but no siren on.

It came through a red light without stopping or slowing down and then hit my car on the right side of my cars front wing.

I could not see the ambulance or it’s blue lights as my view on the right was blocked because of some buildings. Can you please tell me, shouldn’t the ambulance have the siren on and shouldn’t it have slowed down as it was red light to check if it’s clear before proceeding. They say they had no siren on as it was night time please advice me on this matter. Thanks

 Emma Says:

Have the police contacted you and suggested that you were driving without due care and attention?

I tend to agree with you. Ambulances are allowed to go through red traffic lights but they still have to exercise the highest levels of care and attention and give all drivers proper warning. If anything the police maybe considering action against the ambulance driver if he/she did not give proper notice of their prescience.

Come back to me if the police suggest that they considering action against you and I will be happy to assist further.

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