Child On Pelican Crossing


I was driving on a road and through a pelican crossing whilst it was flashing amber. I was in traffic and the traffic was flowing. I could not have been traveling more than 8 or 10 miles.

As I crossed the crossing a child on her bicycle hit the left hand side of my car. The left side wing mirror fell out and the car was obviously scratched from the side.

I got out to attend to the child. The child appeared unhurt. There was no blood or any bruises or cuts. She was however crying.

I repeatedly asked her if she needed a doctor or ambulance however she refused. I asked if I could take her home. She refused and said that she would go home her self.

There were two witnesses although I am not sure as to what exactly they saw. They can confirm that I attended to the child and can confirm that I asked whether or not to call for an ambulance and can confirm that the child walked away herself with her bicycle.

I did not report this matter to the police immediately although was considering to do so the following day. The next morning at 7:00am the police arrived and asked me questions at my home regarding the accident.

I explained the story and they left. The first I heard after that was yesterday when I received a letter for the police saying I was driving without reasonable consideration.

Graham Says:

The police will obviously take this matter very seriously. I doubt the child was seriously hurt but at the end of the day she was hit on a crossing.

We are going to need to see the witness statements of the people who claim to have seen the incident. If they suggest that the child had right of way then you could be at risk of a short discretionary ban.

Out of the last 55 cases that we have taken on at this stage we have got 50 withdrawn with no further action.

Would you like my help? I would liaise with the officer in the case to find out more and then make detailed representations on your behalf. If we cannot get them to take no further action then we maybe able to get you on the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution.

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