Other Driver Stopped Without Warning


Myself and another driver were involved in a collision as a result of him doing a emergency stop for no apparent reason. I swerved to avoid driving into the rear of his car as I hadn’t managed to slow down enough to stop. Without indicating or checking his mirrors he turned right in front of me.

As a result of this I collided with the drivers door of his vehicle. It turns out that he had stopped without warning to avoid missing the junction he wanted to take. The police were involved and as a result of the other driver driving for less than 2 years we were both charged with Careless Driving

How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: I have a clean licence

How long have you been driving: 5 years

Emma Says:

This could go one of two ways at court… The court could either take the view that you didn’t allow enough stopping distance or that he caused the accident by doing an irrational emergency stop & stopped without warning.

There is case law to suggest that the person behind isn’t always at fault. The fact that the police charged him as well shows that they felt that he was at least partially to blame.

You are at risk of a 3-9 points – would you like my help trying to persuade the CPS to let this matter go, if not to try and get you on the driver improvement course as an alternative to points and prosecution. If I succeed then you will get your reasonable legal fees back.

I have over an 83% success rate at getting matters withdrawn at this stage. I charge a fixed fee for this service (see our fees here) and will deal with your mitigation for you if we cannot get it withdrawn.

Come back to me if I can assist further and we can have a chat.

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