Why Have They Asked For My Licence Back?


I have received a letter from the DVLA requiring me to return my driving licence to them today.

Apparently there was a hearing on the x at x Court. I did not know of this case as I did not receive a summons. I want to know what I was charged with and why I was not informed there was a prosecution ongoing so that I could at least defend myself.

The only Incident I can think of happened in x when I was living in x.

Two Police officers came to my flat (without any Warrant) on a Sunday. I was preparing to go to church with my family. They alleged my vehicle did not have an insurance policy. I assured them I had a policy and in fact, showed them the insurance certificate which was valid at the time of the incident.

They did not stop me on any road nor charge me with any offence but the officer drove off with my vehicle from my car park to a private garage where I had to pay £150.00 to recover my vehicle.

I was not made aware of any prosecution at the police station when I produced my insurance certificate and recovered my vehicle.

All I need is to be informed of the legality of the police officers’ right to impound my vehicle from a private car park and then prosecuting me without my knowledge which I believe is unfair to say the least.

I have my Insurance policy and a copy of the seizure notice, on which the offence is not clarified.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Paula Says:

Your vehicle has to be insured if you are going to keep it on a public road or in a public place. A public place is anywhere that the public have access to. So if the public can walk across the car park it is classed as a public place and the car has to have insurance.

It sounds as though you have been convicted of an offence in your absence. I can probably get the case reopened without you having to attend court. If you had insurance at the time then we should be able to get the matter withdrawn.

The court will have put 6 points on your licence as well as fining you. Are you a new driver in the first 2 years after passing your test? If so you will have to do a full retest unless we get this matter reopened.

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