No Insurance Case – Take The Points And Get Revoked!


Driving without insurance

I had a BMW with insurance, which covered me to drive other peoples cars 3rd party, I then exchanged BMW for a Honda civic, but before I got round to changing over the insurance, I got stopped and had to go to court.

I tried to explain to the clerk, but she just said plead guilty they will go easier on you. So I did and lost my licence under new drivers act and got £270 fine… Could I have won my case, have to go back to court as did not pay fine..

Paula Says:

I’m afraid the only way to avoid the revocation would have been to persuade the court to give you a short ban instead of the points. We achieve that on behalf of our clients on a regular basis – but its too late now.

You get at least 6 points for no insurance offence so you were never going to persuade them to give you less than 6 points – the only other option was to get a short ban.

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