Not Aware Of Accident


My partner today received a police notification for failing to stop and exchange details after an accident. At the time the car was parked in the vicinity of the quoted location as he was visiting a friend – but we know the car was not being driven at the time quoted.

What do we do? I have taken photos of the car which shows the existing dings and scrapes (all minor); it is a 9 year old car so not perfect, I would be grateful for any advice.

Dominic Says:

If your partner does not accept that the car was being driven at the time alleged then he should say so.

At the moment he is at risk of 5-10 points for fail to stop and report and driving without due care and attention.

Its very difficult to advise without knowing what the precise allegation is and how many witnesses there are.

Has your partner got any points already? I assume he was insured to drive the car.

We have started getting involved in these cases very early over the last 6 months. We have over a 90% success rate in persuading the police not to take any further action and to leave it to the insurance company to figure out.

If you would like my help with this matter then please come back to me and I will be happy to assist by liaising with the police on your behalf after taking a full statement from your partner.

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