It Was Just A Scrape


Another car brushed past mine on the x 2010, we both agreed that the damage was minimal. We also exchanged details. I heard nothing more of it but I have received a letter from the police to provide the name & address of the driver under driver section 172 road traffic act 1988.

What will happen next? And why have they even contacted me when I stopped and exchanged details?

P.S. I did not report this incident to my insurance company because I did not wish to make a claim due to the the minority of the damage to my car (literally just a scrape)

Dominic says:

I’m afraid that the other driver has reported the matter to the police.

You are supposed to report it even if the damage is minimal and if you don’t its an offence I’m afraid.

Most people assume that if you exchange details that is the end of the matter.

For some reason the other driver has chose to report the matter and has suggested that the accident was your fault. They must have given a statement for the police to be taking the matter this far.

If you would like my help come back to me. We are very good at dissuading the police from taking further action in relation to these matters and have over a 90% success rate. At the moment you face 5-10 points for failing to stop and report if convicted.

Have you got any points already? If so how many?

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