Baby Driver – No Insurance


Driving with no insurance or licence

Basically I’m 17, and have my test in 2 weeks. I just bought a car and a few friends nudged me into going down the road in it for a test run.

Unfortunately down the road I got stopped by police car, car taken away and a court appearance. As I’m 17 I realize I will probably lose my licence. But how many points will I get, how long will the ban last and how much will I be fined as I’m broke and my mums a single parent.

Paula Says:

If the offence happened before you passed your test then the new driver rules do not apply. You can carry the 6 points for the no insurance matter on your new licence – but you must not get anything more within the first two years after passing your test otherwise you will have your licence revoked I’m afraid.

You wont get a ban for a first offence. The fine will be a few hundred and dependent on your means. If you don’t have any money the fine maybe lower.

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