18 Years Old – New Driver


Driving with no Insurance

I was driving a hired car which was in my Dads name, I got stopped by the police and one check lead to another, they then found out I was not insured and seized my vehicle. Do I have a leg to stand on when I get summoned to court or will this be an automatic ban as I am only 18?

Paula Says:

If you have a full driving licence and the offence happened after you passed your test then you will be at risk of revocation – because you get 6-8 points for this offence.

I will be happy to assist you try and avoid revocation.

Did you think that you were insured? If so can you tell me why. We maybe able to persuade the court that there are special reasons in your case. If not we maybe able to avoid revocation by getting the court to give you a very short discretionary ban. We help over 90% of our new drivers avoid revocation so come back to me if you would like my help.

Have you got a court summons yet? If you have been offered a fixed penalty accepting it will mean that you are automatically revoked. You have to take the matter to court to stand any chance of avoiding revocation.

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