I Will Lose My Job


I am 29 years old and work as a x consultant, I recently (x) passed my driving test and was given a car by my boss. Brand new x.

Rented through x.

I currently drive about 1500 miles a week and am essential to the company I work for as it is a small company and I am very successful.

I have recently received several driving offences.

Have not yet replied to any of them

First was on an A road, traveling 71 mph in a 60mph limit

The second was on an A road in x 62mph in a 50mph limit

(I genuinely thought the limit there was 60mph)

Third was skipped a red light by accident they have issued a notice of prosecution (I am 100% sure it was amber when I passed and just changed as I passed over it. The letter does not state anything about “time in the red”)

I am obviously now in a situation where iIcan lose my license and would like some advice please

I have been advised so far to accept all the charges in my name, but ask for Calibration certificates and photographic evidence.

Then take it to court and let a judge decide.

Anything else you can suggest please do !?

If I lose my driving licence I will lose my job

Louise Says:

My assistant has tried to call you to take some initial details. You would need to take one of these matters to court in order to try and avoid revocation – otherwise the DVLA have no discretion and will take your licence away.

I can help you with this matter. I help almost 92% of my new drivers avoid revocation and I will be happy to assist. I charge private fixed fees for my services.

You don’t get to see the calibration certificates etc until after you have asked for a court hearing, and sometimes they will not disclose them until after a not guilty plea.

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