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No insurance

My son got caught with no car insurance. He generally didn’t know it was not insured. He passed his test in June this year and was insured on the car with Quinn. Once he passed his test there was a balance to pay.

His dad was paying for his insurance as we are separated and my son works for his family business so used the car to get back and forth to his workplace.

His dad forgot to pay the balance and the insurance was stopped on leaving my son uninsured. He thought his dad had paid it now he has had his licence revoked and 6 points added. I want to appeal because I feel it’s a bit unfair on him. Is it worth it?

Paula Says:

It’s too late to appeal I’m afraid if your son has accepted the fixed penalty then that’s the end of the matter. The DVLA has no discretion but to revoke his licence. Your son would have had a very good special reasons argument to avoid the penalty points if he had reject the fixed penalty and taken the matter to court.

I would probably have been able to help him avoid the points on the basis that he was misled into thinking that he was insured.

The only way you can now appeal is if you can get the fixed penalty office to agree to withdraw the fixed penalty and allow him to go to court – but its probably too late. If you manage to do that come back to me and I will be able to help.

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