The Judge Told Me I Would Not Lose My Driving Licence


New Driver

Hello I’m hoping to get quick expert advice in regards to a driving offence. I was caught speeding, and received a summon to attend court. Went to court Wednesday of last week x, I pleaded guilty to the offence and explained to the judge that I can’t survive without a licence because as a support worker having a licence, and a car is essential.

He assured me that I would not lose my license, and that I’m still able to drive, but I will receive 6 points on my license and pay x. And should avoid getting anymore points for a further 3 yrs, as 6 points more I would lose my driving licence. (they took the paper part of my license and hand me back the photo part).

Imagine my whole world falling apart when I got this letter from DVLA. How am I suppose to support myself and my little girl without a job???? I know I messed up and did something wrong, but is it fair for me to lose everything? I’ve got so many outstanding loans and bills. Please, please, please, give me some advice on what to do?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid the court misled you. Its not up to the court as to whether or not your licence is revoked. This is a decision made by the DVLA if you accumulate 6 points or more within your first two years after passing your test.

The judge simply agreed not to ban you. You would have been better off with a short ban. The revocation is a different issue I’m afraid. The only thing you can do is appeal the sentence and try and get less than 6 points. What was the speed and the limit for the road?

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