Banned From Driving For Life?


I have been told I have been given a life time ban for driving offences since I was a teenager but the police said my ban was up in February.

I want to send off for my licence to be a legal driver but am worried about what they will say if I am banned for life. Is there anyway I could turn this round as I fear going back to prison for driving. I just want to be like every body else.

Emma Says:

You have done the right thing by getting in touch and making sure that you are able to drive before risking driving whilst disqualified.

If you have a bad driving record then driving on a ban will probably lead to prison so don’t do it. Lets make sure that you get road legal and do this properly.

Now the courts should never impose a life time ban on a young person. They know it’s a recipe for disaster and that you need to see a light at the end of the tunnel when you will be able to drive again.

So I don’t think that you have been banned for life. I have never heard of such a ban in over 20 years dealing with this area of law.

So the first step is to approach the court that imposed the last (most recent) ban.

Call the court up and be persistent. You need then to look at the court record (either on the computer or if it was too long ago in the court register) to check your last sentence. If you were represented then call the solicitor that last looked after you and they should have a clear record of the ban imposed.

A solicitor will normally keep their file for 6 years from the date the case is finalized. Again be persistent and ask them to get the file out ASAP.

If the ban has come to and end then you need to apply for your licence back from the DVLA. You then need to sort a car and before you take it away from the seller get it insured, mot’d and taxed.

Do not miss any of the things otherwise you will find yourself banned again. The police will be watching you if you have a bad record!! Don’t give them the chance to take your licence again. Being allowed to drive is both a right and a responsibility so don’t muck it up.

If you were banned for life come back to me and we can appeal the sentence.

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